Life Review: Natalie Portman’s Voice In Jackie

Literally, nails on a chop board would be less irritating.
I sat down to watch this film I had heard was good and was eager to see.
Then Natalie Portman opened her mouth.

I just couldn’t hack it, with just fifteen minutes in I called it a day because a characters voice shouldn’t overshadow a woman’s plight to maintain her husbands legacy and name in the aftermath of his death.

Yet here I am telling you that it was awful.
I couldn’t decipher what kind of accent she was trying to portray so it must be some area of american that I’ve just passed by, but it doesn’t help that she speaks so slow and airy, making everything said seem longer. It genuinely sounds like someone’s bad attempt at an accent in some kind of school production play of Jackie, rather than a feature film.

I just couldn’t even.

Natalie Portman’s Voice In Jackie: 3/10


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