Life Review: Blogging On WordPress

WordPress was introduced to me by my girlfriend through her blog that she started last year. I was intrigued as my older cousin blogs and in my early years, me and my younger sister and cousin started a website but didn’t know how to use it so we gave up.
So when something that seemed so easy was brought to my attention, I felt like this would be a great chance to fill my time after work and maybe even get some followers.

WordPress is pretty easy to use and self explanatory. I was born in the era where I grew up around computers so I was pretty adept at learning what each section and feature did.
Wordpress also has a pretty extensive help section which helps because I did in fact need help.

I was confused at how people came across and read blogs written by other people. It wasn’t until my girlfriend added categories and tags to her posts when she realised that this was the key to being discoverable by the many peers lurking around on the web.

Also I was a bit stuck on what blog I should start. I have so many interests that span many different schools of life. My main love is film, however I also love TV, music, video games, art, science, politics, the news.
So limiting myself to one field of interest was a big no from me.

An idea hit me when I ate the new Quality Street chocolate last year (such a pivotal moment I assure you), that I could just review anything I want. I could review life as I experience it,  thus acting as a blog for reviewing art as well as documenting my life.
Enthused as I was, I began writing and I must admit I do enjoy it.

The major drawback is akin to writing in a journal or diary.
I can’t tell you how many diaries I have in my room with only the first 5 pages with actual diary entries on them with a mass of untouched pages afterwards. You have to have the drive and the commitment in writing on your blog to ensure it’s relevant and maintained, and as someone with depression, drive and motivation are hard to come by.

Overall I like the effectiveness of wordpress in regards to blogging and I vow to write more in the future, because really it’s negatives don’t lie in the software itself but the user’s creativity and motivation.

Blogging On WordPress: 8/10








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