Life Review: Covonia

I woke up to a throat that felt like it had been dragged across the Sahara.
A cough that burned my lungs and a muggy frame of mind slowly followed and that can only mean one thing:
Elliot’s got a fucking cold.

Still went in to work though like a fool though.

Covonia is that really strong stuff that the bull bursts through a brick wall just to shove in your face. It’s strong, smelly and stains your bed cover if it drips off your spoon.
Yeah, I could swig from the bottle like everyone else, guess i’m not as hardcore as you guys disregarding the recommended dosage information you maniacs.

Anyway after taking down two spoon fulls of Covonia it seemed like it worked pretty much instantly. Thank you magical wall busting bull of the gods, my throat can rest easy with you around.

You owe me new fleecy bed covers though.

Covonia: 9/10


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