Life Review: First Day At Work In 2017

I woke up ten minutes later than I wanted to but maintained a punctual ascension to readiness until losing my keys sent me back to my usual five minute lateness I have come to be accustomed to.

This meant I missed the bus but thankfully I made it to the train before I’d have to face getting a taxi to work.
(My new book regarding society’s relationship to time was great for the commute)

I swept into the office with purpose and I was ready to get some work done.
I had previously willed myself the night before that I was actually going to be productive and I wasn’t going to let 2017 get in my way.

I had managed to create a to do list with four entries, with 2 of them being easily completed quickly. The sugar for the office tea and coffee was still a legitimate disappointment however I pushed on, aiming to get my data entry completed by lunch time. After a measly cup of water to convince myself I was being healthy and proactive, plus some decent office new years eve banter, I had achieved my goal, my quest.

Lunch time was my omen.
Consisting of a quick walk to Sainsbury’s to find out that 2017 had robbed me of more money than I thought and I totally forgot to buy more sugar which resulted in a basically pointless excursion to a supermarket for a walk.

Returning, I resumed my lunch.
No news or articles really struck me apart from the istanbul bombings which were sadly not at the forefront  as much as I wanted it to be. No articles of great interest.
However I loved researching “Hongi”, a polynesian greeting that involves touching foreheads and exchanging “Ha” which is breath energy apparently.
My lunch ends with two rows of galaxy chocolate and a sweet ham packed sandwich.

“Marie this is Elliot, he’ll explaining our data entry program to you.”

Marie is the new administrator for the team and seemed nice, she was very attentive and asked loads of questions, which seemed to good to begin with until:

“So what is is it that you do here?”
Which sounds condescending but she said it in a well meaning manner.
Sadly it made me explain my roles and when said out loud, doesn’t really sound like much. The more I explained what I actually did, the more my disdain for my current job grew.
Nothing would have been more fitting than a reminder of how boring, tedious and uninspired I was in my job. Showing Marie the poor state of filing was the cherry on the cake, leaving a noticeably disappointed expression on her face.

After essentially teaching Marie everything she had to do, I managed to fall behind on my to do list and ended up having to carry those tasks over to thursday when I was back in the office.

Leaving the office to journey home was a stark contrast to this morning’s commute and if this continues, 2017 will be more of the same.

First Day Back at Work in 2017: 5/10


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