Event Review: New Years Eve/Day

New Year’s Eve is a hit and miss celebration to me.

Most people have agreed with me that most of the time, new year’s eve is either better than average or an utter disappointment.
It happens every year: you spend a whole month planning one day of Christmas presents, drinking and gluttony that by the time it’s over you have just 5 days to plan another.

Well i’m pleased to announce that this year was an utter success.

The best plans are usually the simple ones and this was true in every sense by the time Saturday arrived. Me and my girlfriend arrived at The Bear and the Ragged Staff around 8 o’ clock to find a table for our friends with relative ease. Said friends arrived one after another each ready for a night of spilled drinks and dancing.

We quickly accumulated two long tables to accommodate our 20+ friendship group of old, new and returning acquaintances which spurred some great conversation which was a welcome change to the usual talk of previous drunken nights, Christmas and how much MDMA everyone was taking.

If there was one nitpick  to take from the night was the taxi situation.
Taxi drivers have it made when working new years eve: on no other night are so many people going be needing one and on no other night are they going to be willing to spend 45 pounds to get all your friends back home which would usually be half the price.

Luckily we managed to secure a mighty 16 seater taxi on the way into Coventry and a discount “mate rate” taxi ride home at the end of the night.

Finally we arrive at our destination of the Campbell, a once dive turned decent student bar (one could say it was born again out of the ashes.. like a phoenix).

The Campbell was on top form, arriving to a bar that was not quite unlike any other normal Saturday, as queues were small and space in the smoking area were ample.
There was never any struggle to find somewhere to sit and as always team Bedworth was always prepared to reorganise pub furniture.
For me all you need is friends, a seat and a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea to make a great night.

As midnight struck the love were pouring like the beers we were ordering, each member of team Bedworth kissing any set of lips that weren’t on another or a glass.

After leaving the pub, many of my friends were keen to continue the party back home with drinks, drugs and good times. By this point I was extremely tired and craved the thought of slipping into a nice cosy bed.

This began the only real negative aspect of the night and it turned out to be myself.
I never took the time to voice my desire to skip the after party for a better night’s sleep and instead went along with my friends plans for ease.
However this was quickly detected by my girlfriend and after a short heated debate and a broccoli moment, resulted in me apologising for being an arsehole and going home.

I realised that I shouldn’t have been sacrificing my own happiness for others, as most of the time this was a double edged sword that actually brought others down instead of raising them up.
For this my friends, I apologise.

The night wound down in a blur of happiness and a faint hope that 2017 would be better.
All I knew was that everything would be fine with my friends and my love beside me.

New Years Eve: 8.5/10


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